Scarf "PORCELAIN" silk 90x90 on a blue background by Kokosha - Scarves

Scarf "PORCELAIN" silk 90x90 on a blue background


The design is inspired by the botanical paintings of the European porcelain.

Design and production: KOKOSHA.

Size: 90x90 cm.

Material: 100% silk-twill.

Please check availability via WhatsApp.

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Porcelain ware has long been appreciated not for its functionality, by for its refined shapes, material fineness and marvellous paintings. These paintings are responsible for making porcelain an art and emblazoning it with individuality.

The tradition of depicting flowers and fruits on porcelain first appeared in China, with depictions being so naturalistic and detailed that they became known as "botanic." X-XII centuries were the golden age of this type of decoration. Subsequently, with China exporting porcelains to Europe, it spread across the world. European botanic paintings flourished in the VIII century, the time that followed the Age of Discovery, when Europeans desired to accumulate new knowledge. "Natural cabinets", cabinets of curiosities and libraries spawned all over the place. Gardening became an object of unprecedented interest. People became familiar with the natural riches of both hemispheres. First illustrated botanic atlases were issued that boasted not only descriptions of flora but images drawn from life. These images would later serve as first pieces to be transferred onto porcelain. Thus, European porcelain turned out to be one of the symbols of the Age of Enlightenment. From the moment of its appearance in Europe, porcelain has not only been tableware or an article of luxury; it has been a fruit of learning.

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