Scarf "COLCHIS" silk 90x90 on a pink background by Kokosha - Scarves

Scarf "COLCHIS" silk 90x90 on a pink background


The scarf is made under the impression of a collection of gold items from ancient Colchis.

Design and production: KOKOSHA.

Size: 90x90 cm.

Material: 100% silk-twill.

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Ancient Colchis was located along the eastern coast of the Black Sea. The main population of the state and the historical region were the Colchis. The name of the region was first mentioned in the 13th century BC in Assyrian and Urartian cuneiform tablets in the form "Culcha" or " Colcha ". In the middle of the first millennium B.C. the name "Colchis" (Land of the Colchians) began to be used by Greek authors, first of all in the myth of the Argonauts, narrated by Pindar and Aeschylus. 

In 1961, a burial was discovered near the Colchian town of Vani, where more than a thousand gold pieces were found. This discovery, together with others made at the same time, drew a line under the disputes about the reality of the existence of the country of the Golden Fleece. Henceforth it was no longer possible to doubt that this country existed and was exactly as it appeared after reading the ancient texts: a powerful, rich, gold-rich kingdom with numerous and populous cities. The products of the ancient epoch, found during excavations on the land of Colchis, are very peculiar. The influence of the East and Greece can be seen in them, and at the same time the traditions of local craftsmen are extremely strong.

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